You Reap What You Sow

Are you reaping what you sow?

We are often taught that reaping what you sow is a bad thing. Well, it could be if all you have sown is negativity and wrongdoings. Now, let’s be honest, what’s done in the dark, only you and God knows. So if you’re out here doing wrong hurting those who love you, and not producing good energy, then reaping what you sow may not be in your best interest.

You can’t be out here producing bad vibes, and expecting blessings to overflow in your favor. That good news you were expecting got delayed, or how about that new found problem that just came out of nowhere? Was that random or was that a part of the plan all along? In the words of James Brown, “could it be the big payback?” Karma has no deadline or expiration date.

The best type of person you can be is someone who does good deeds from the heart. Someone who is not selfish, but selfless. Paying it forward is one of the best gestures that you can express in the form of good karma. Now don’t get me wrong, you cannot expect good to come just because you’ve done something without the intentions of receiving it in return. Don’t be that person who is afraid of helping someone because you are afraid of them surpassing you. Be that person who can proudly say, “I am glad I helped make a difference in their life.”.

It cost nothing to keep it real and be genuine. When it comes to relationships, your partner deserves the truth, and they deserve honesty. Give that person the opportunity to choose if being with you and your skeletons is something they are willing to deal with. Remember that word karma? All though you are getting away with it now, you will “reap what you sow.” The worst thing you can do is lead someone on to believe that you’re their everything, but you’re half of nothing. Just like I told you in the beginning, karma has no expiration date, and sometimes it doesn’t hit you directly, it can fall on those who are closest to you, but still impact you in many ways.

One of my favorite movies is Do The Right Thing by Spike Lee. That title in itself says a mouthful. It can all be so simple if we just do the right thing. Nobody’s perfect - we all make mistakes. However, there’s a big difference between mistake and intent. Intent is when you walk into a situation knowing that the outcome could potentially affect someone you love or care about deeply. While dealing with the effects of the pain, you caused that’s karma smacking you dead in the face!

This can be all avoided if you keep a clean and genuine heart. We can’t control accidents, but we can prevent hazards. The next time you find yourself in a situation where you have to think twice about it, chances are it’s not the right thing. Be careful of what you do, because what is done in the dark, can turn into what you sow.

With Love,

The Legend