Learn How To Put Yourself First

Second and third place does not get the trophy. The only person who wins is first place.

Many times we make sacrifices in our lives for those we care about and love deeply. I find myself stuck in a place asking, will those same individuals do the same for me? I am sure you had the same thoughts as well. The fact that you have to ask yourself that lets you know that you’re not finishing first. We are trained and programmed to think that the first thing we do when we get paid is to pay bills, provide, and forget about ourselves. I love to hear the quote, “you can’t do nothing for nobody else if you can’t do anything for yourself.”

What does that quote mean to you?


That quote can mean a lot of things. We often make sacrifices for our relationship, for our children and the workplace. But again, you were not mentioned anywhere in the equation. Have you ever been at work, and overhear a conversation about a “girls trip” your colleagues are talking about, or a new home they are buying? Or just how they are going shopping after work. The difference between them and you is that they are taking the time to put themselves first. They are not doing anything differently than what you are doing rather than putting themselves first. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Again, what does that mean?

Most times, we stress about situations that are not financially feasible, knowing we do not have the means to do anything about them anyway. The first thing most of us do is set our bills up on autopay, which means, we are paying someone before we pay ourselves. What about those parents who feel guilty when they can’t give their kids what they ask for even though, deep down inside, you don’t have it. It’s okay to keep it real with your kids, and let them know that you don’t have it. Stop adding extra stress to your life that you don’t need.

Why are you sitting at work with your hair or nails not done, and you worked hard all week? Or you can’t take your lady out tonight because you decided to put yourself in financial debt that could’ve waited one more week to pay off. Not putting yourself first opens the door to unhappiness, depression, and feeling unworthy. Meanwhile, everyone else around you benefits from your sacrifice. It’s okay to say no, and it’s also okay to put yourself first. There is no need to feel guilty - you are the missing piece of the puzzle, and without you, it’s not complete.


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