Who Said Being A Parent Is Easy

Do you understand what it took for you to be here?

Your Mother and Father should be #2 behind God; that’s the only time your parents should be put behind anyone. We underestimate the value of our parents until we don’t have them anymore. The love and energy that your parents produce is something money can’t buy. Do you remember that first time falling and scraping your knee and mom or dad told you to get up and shake it off, you’ll be okay? Or how about that time when you got in your first fist fight, and we all know the first question we’re getting asked once we get home is, “Did you win?” All of this was preparing you for the real world as an adult. How many times have you’ve been knocked down in life but you remember that you have to get up and shake it off? My point exactly - this is something we’ve been taught since birth! 

Mothers are nurturing and sensitive when it comes to their kids. Is it because she’s spent nine months carrying and bonding with this child during the entire pregnancy? She knows that her job is to make sure “her baby” doesn't lack anything. From birth, she prays over her child, she sings and soothes her child to sleep. Some of us still call our mothers for that old school remedy to get rid of that cold or when we’re just simply having a bad day. Mothers were created with the ability to feed her baby at birth without spending $1. I call mothers the super glue of the family because when things are falling apart within the family, they will always find a way to fix things. The only time a mother's title doesn’t hold weight is when it’s time to ask for money, then it’s “Ask your dad”!

Father! The sound of that word is so powerful, and it has so much meaning! There’s a huge difference when a Father is present in the home. A father prepares his children for providing and responsibilities into their adulthood! If you have a father in your life, you’ve watched him go to work, mow the lawn, wash the car and pay the bills. Many of you can attest that fathers shows love differently than mothers - it’s called, “tough love.” It’s all about earning what you ask for and creating a positive path for your future in a father’s eyes. 


Just because someone didn’t give birth to you or isn’t your biological father doesn’t make them less qualified as your parent. Many men step up to the plate to take on the role of a father to children that don’t belong to them. My hat goes off to them. There’s also grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and sisters playing the role of mothers by default. Anyone who’s taken on the role of providing and being there for you in the form of a parent deserves gratitude and appreciation. It’s not easy standing up and taking on more responsibility, especially if they’re not primarily responsible. 

The moral of the story is to appreciate your parents while you have them because some of us wish that we could pick up the phone one last time and say, I love you!

With Love,

The Legend