Remove Yourself From Unhealthy Situations

Are you tired of walking away with that same feeling of hurt, defeat, and emptiness? It’s time that you change that!

Verbal abuse (verbal attack or verbal assault) is when a person forcefully criticizes, insults, or denounces someone else.


Many people are victims of Verbal abuse, and sadly they have no idea. Abuse comes in different forms, and not just the physical. Do you remember that simple disagreement which turned into a personal attack towards your character, and later on caused you to question who you are? How about the manipulation? The broken promises, giving you false hope of things to become better to keep you from leaving and moving on. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. Stop giving others the ammunition to take you out. Name calling, accusations of cheating, giving you the cold shoulder, using the exact things you shared with them seeking comfort to hurt you is abuse! What’s keeping you in that situation? Are you a pain freak? So you like being a punching bag? It’s time that you wake up!

Being selfless can be part of your problems also.

Selflessness (acting with less concern for yourself than for the success of the joint activity.)

We often refer to selfless as “I just have a big heart and like helping people.” There’s nothing wrong with helping people when you’re in the position to, but there’s also something called “being used.” Naturally, people who are givers enjoy seeing those around them happy and being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, Yea; I said that right “fruits of your labor!” It doesn’t hit you until it’s too late and the leaches have moved on to a new victim identified as “my new friend.” You knew you were being used, but you were too afraid of being alone to cut them off. Those "to go" plates at your cookout and they didn’t bring anything wasn’t a sign? How about the famous line “I don’t have any cash on me. I only have my card!” Where is those shoes or that outfit you let them borrow and haven’t seen since their last social media post. Is it really all good? Do you have it like that to keep giving and not receiving? This is where you have to put your foot down and draw the line.


Most verbal abusers and users prey on some sort of weakness you’ve exposed to them. Attackers only seek easy prey, and they won’t attempt to try anyone willing to put up a fight. If you look deep down inside yourself and find that strength, you’ll see that abusers and users are only making you their victim because they were once a victim. Nobody deserves mistreatment or fake love. Even if it’s not you being the victim, you’re just as guilty if you’re witnessing a friend or relative being treated in such manner. We’re trained to think that these behavior patterns are okay, and if you say something, you will be criticized or shamed. You were born alone, and that’s exactly how you’re going to leave here! Please don’t feel like you have to tolerate anything less than what you deserve to feel like you have someone! If you don’t do anything else, I ask that you to take a stand against any abuse and learn how to say no to those who are only in your life for their personal gain!

You are the blessing, you are the prize and for anyone to have you means that they are winning!

With love,

~Tha Legend