Think Like A Man Or Lose Your Woman To A Real One

Are you a man or a mouse?

Remember the first time you asked her out, or how about the day you asked her to marry you what happened to that man? Most women are in love with the man they met not the man they’re with.

Being a man comes with so many responsibilities, but when you’re in a relationship you can’t forget the most critical part, and that’s loving your woman and treating her right. As men, we get comfortable and content and forget how to “romance and not just finance!” Don’t get me wrong every woman loves a man that can provide, but provide with a purpose not just to keep her around. Just because the bills are paid doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve dinner and a movie, a walk in the park, or just sitting down and listening to her vent. There’s nothing wrong with working and securing the bag, but you still have to secure your woman as well.


When most women cheat or step out on their relationship it’s not because of something that happened recently, but that woman checked out mentally weeks, months hell even years ago! Notice how her conversations became dryer? Her tears dried quicker? How about being told you had to find your own meal for dinner? It’s because she’s regaining her strength and plotting on her exit plan. Any man with some sense will recognize the changes and try to repair the damage and save his relationship.

We all know this would be too good to be true. Instead of fighting to save your relationship you went out and threw gasoline on the fire. You’ve noticed your woman’s changing behavior, and you used that as an excuse to go out and cheat. The thing that most men forget about is while you’re out doing your dirt, and giving away the little free time you have to a side piece you’re leaving the door wide open for your woman to notice another piece. A peace of mind, a piece of strength, a piece of meat that’s hot and steamy and not lukewarm like the leftovers you’re bringing home after your night of cheating.

“Are you cheating on me?!” is your favorite line with the scent of another woman on your lips and fingers. You weren’t the only one feeling alone or lusting for attention; while you were out doing you who do you think was doing her?

A real one was handling business, and a real one was making her smile after the fights and arguments. Those tears dried quicker because he was there to wipe them away. Those corny things she liked to do on weekends while you sat on the couch and watched sports a real one was enjoying that time.

Oh, you’re hurt now? You’re in your feelings, well it’s a little too late to show feelings. Unlike you, before she slept with someone to jeopardize her relationship she made sure this was someone who was worthy of her time. Now you’re stuck watching the woman who’s held you down and had your back through it all walk away with “A real one!”

With Love,